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    At Ellson Consulting, LLC, we provide unique expertise and creative solutions for your organization. We specialize in residential whole loans and RMBS. Thank you for considering our services.


    I have attached my resume’, but I can save you the burden of reading that and provide an overview of my career and proposed consulting services. First of all, I am a former tenured professor at the University of South Carolina. I am currently an adjunct associate professor in the Financial Mathematics Program at North Carolina State University. In addition to the adjunct professor position, I am on the Executive Board of the Financial Mathematics program at NCSU. My charitable work is focused on the Women's Center of Wake Country (wcwc.org), a shelter and refuge for homeless women. I am on the board of directors and the Treasurer.


    My Wall Street career began in 1987. My entire career has been focused on residential whole loan mortgages and agency/non-agency mortgage-backed securities. Within this narrow range of fixed income products, I have extremely broad experience in research, trading/hedging, structured finance (domestic and foreign), and product development.


    Most recently I was the product manager for a whole loan analytical platform at Andrew Davidson & Company, LoanKinetics. This product provides comprehensive credit analysis and unique valuation metrics. It was used by clients for loan loss/ALLL determination and CCAR/DFAST stress testing as mandated by the Fed and the NCUA (credit unions).


    During the financial melt-down, I was the credit trader for a small hedge fund. I am well familiar with the causes of the crisis and the outcomes and regulations that it engendered. On a consulting basis I did OTTI, fair value, and credit loss analysis for banks, insurance companies, credit unions, and FHLBs. I became involved in litigation, representing the SEC on CDO-related litigation as an expert witness (SEC v. Harding/Wing Chau), and I was the expert witness in a FINRA arbitration.


    As an independent consultant, I have been active in potential/actual litigation. In 2016, I had three mandates responding to SEC/FINRA inquiries. In 2017 I was involved in two major cases. The first was as a testifying expert witness in the US District Court of CT v. Shapiro et al (Nomura Traders, representing Tyler Peters). The second was Trustees v. Lehman Estate in the US Bankruptcy Court in New York. My role was broad-based and was focused on estimating the market value of over 15,000 residential mortgage loans originated in the 2002-8 period. I prepared reports, rebuttals, and was deposed. In January 2018, I testified at the trial as a testifying expert witness.


    Prior to this period I held two senior trading positions, whole loans and securities, and managed portfolios exceeding $90 billion. My career began in MBS research, and I ultimately became global head of MBS research at two major investment banks.


    Please review my services. I have access to sophisticated credit and valuation models for both loans and securities. I look forward to hearing from you.


    Richard W. Ellson, Ph. D



  • Residential Whole Loan Analysis



    Credit Analysis Required for ALLL and CCAR/DFAST

    Comprehensive Credit Analysis and Expected Loss Determination

    • Base Case Either Model or User Defined
    • Multiple Scenarios
    • Probability Weighted Losses and Tail Risk
    • Loan Loss Attribution
    • Stochastic (ALLL) and vector (CCAR/DFAST) housing prices and interest rates
    • Incorporates Model Error in Addition to Positive/Adverse Economic Scenarios
    • Ordinal Ranking of All Loans to Identify High Risk Loans (Servicing)

    Mark-to-Market Valuation for Trading & ALLL/Reserves

    • Market Implied COAS Pricing Using Benchmark COAS
    • Single COAS Valuation
    • Static Spread Pricing
    • Duration and Related Metrics


    • RMBS trading practices
    • Legacy loan valuation
    • Legacy RMBS analysis
  • Non-Agency RMBS and Credit Risk Transfer Transactions (STACR and CAS)

    Key Focus in the current MBS environment

    Credit Analysis

    • Projected defaults by period
    • Projected principal write-downs and interest shortfalls by period
    • Comprehensive cash-flows by scenario, available at loan and/'or aggregated level
    • Base Case Expected Losses for OTTI
    • 90 and 180 Day Aggregates


    • Option Adjusted Spreads
    • Credit OAS
    • Key Metrics
      • OAS Duration and Convexity
      • Spread Duration

    Quantitative Risk Measures for Non-Agency RMBS and CRT Bonds and Collateral

    • Ordinal Ranking for Loans
      • Probability Weighted Loss
      • Tail Risk
    • Ordinal Ranking for Non-Agency RMBS and CRT Bonds Includes Above Plus
      • Bond "Thickness"
      • Break Points of Security Relative to Collateral
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